Lion’s Drums full length exists as an exploration in multiple dimensions. The album sets the tone by putting these concepts fully on display with its hypnotic chant. In orderly cue folding and unfolding, meditatively through, melodies as muddied pastelle whispers cast over the measured language of the drum. Drawing from unreleased music by Roberto Musci as well as field recordings from his travels in early 90’s he constructs a side winding journey through playful textures and ethereal moods.

Kagabas (2021)

Kagabas is the name of the indiginous people of the Sierra Nevada mountain of Santa Marta in Colombia and is also the name of the new album by Lion’s Drums, an audio project and album comprising of new compositions based on field recordings of original songs the Kagabas people sing to wild animals and the nature they habitat. 100% of the revenues made from the project will be donated to Colombian charity Nativa, who are dedicated to overcoming the environmental challenges, such as logging and deforestation that the Kagabas precariously navigate.


Music is composed and performed for many purposes, ranging from aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, or as an entertainment product for the marketplace..

Altin Gün (2018)

Altin Gün – “Goca Dünya” (Lion’s Drums Remix) [Les Disques Bongo Joe]

DJ MIXES (2018-2019)

Lion’s Drums – LAYER #197 – 04.2019

Lion’s Drums @ Red Light Radio 28.1.2019

Bufiman b2b Lion’s Drums @ Hivern Discs x LAB 06.07.18

Lion’s Drums @ Rinse France 30.06.18

Lion’s Drums @ Red Light Radio 21.6.2018