Harold Boué aka Abstraxion and Lion’s Drums, is a French producer based in Marseille. He started to produce music as Abstraxion in 2005, and has so far released a fair amount of EP’s as well as two studio albums (“Break of Lights” on Nicolas Jaar’s label Other People – 2013 & “She Thought She Would Last Forever” on Biologic Records – 2016).  His latest EP “Black Vulture” was released May 2019 on Jennifer Cardini’s label Dischi Autunno, including remixes by Black Merlin and Interstellar Funk.
In 2018 Harold felt the desire to explore different musical territories and launched Lion’s Drums, which he’s developing in parallel with his Abstraxion project.  Lion’s Drums music is inspired from and pays tribute to the character of his city Marseille:

Sandy B – Lion’s Drums edits (04/04/2022)

Harold dons his Lion’s Drums alias for two powerful edits of South African kwaito legend Sandy B.

Originally released in Durban on cassette and limited white label in 1994, then reissued on Invisible City Editions in 2017, ‘Amajovi’ and ‘Student Night’ were two stand out tracks from a larger mini album release that brought everything that we love about the 90s together into a fiery township party fusion; European crossover house music hits, acid house, west coast hip-hop, all blended with vibrant percussion and kwaito flavour, it captured the exciting energy of post-Apartheid South Africa… Which is now brought into the 2020s with complete respect and passion by Lion’s Drums.


La Batterie LP – Cocktail d’Amore Music (10/01/2022)

Lion’s Drums full length exists as an exploration in multiple dimensions. The album sets the tone by putting these concepts fully on display with its hypnotic chant. In orderly cue folding and unfolding, meditatively through, melodies as muddied pastelle whispers cast over the measured language of the drum. Drawing from unreleased music by Roberto Musci as well as field recordings from his travels in early 90’s he constructs a side winding journey through playful textures and ethereal moods.


Kagabas LP (02.2021)

I’ve recorded this album at a Kagabas village, in the Sierra Nevada
mountain in Colombia. Kagabas are indigenous people who are concerned by the modern world’s attempts to destroy the earth. As there’s no writing, music is a way to pass knowledge down through generations and connect with environment. This LP combines songs, field recordings and musical compositions. They approved this album to be released. All benefits will go to Nativa.org to support the replanting of trees & getting land back



11.01 – Tsugi Radio residency
02.02 – Tsugi Radio residency
02.11 – A la folie – Mouillette – Paris FR – Abstraxion b2b Mila Dietrich


25.02 – Kapputt, Bogota, Colombia
04.03 – MN ROY, Mexico City, Mex
02.04 – Mouillette, Marseille, Fr
21.05 – Mucem, Marseille, Fr
04.06 – Live, Le Bon Air, Marseille, Fr
01.07 – Pride, Marseille, Fr b2b Ttristana
02.07 – Pride, Marseille, Fr char Mouillette
08.07 – Encore Encore festival, Correns, Fr
24.09 – Cargo – Caen, Fr
06.10 – Tsugi Radio residency : listen on soundcloud
21.10 – MusicBox – Lisbon, Portugal
03.11 – Tsugi Radio residency
11.11 – iBoat – Bordeaux w. Laurent Garnier
11.12 – asociacion freedonia, Barcelona, Spain
25.11 – 6mic – Aix en Pce – Live 360 **
01.12 – Tsugi Radio residency